Freitag, 23. November 2012

Coat Inspiration

Leather and Color

Every year is the same old dilemma (for me at least). What coat should I get this winter? I'll be honest, it's not like I am lacking in the coat department, but for me coats kind of lose their charm after one winter, sure I still wear those I bought years ago, but yet again I always go on the hunt for a new one once the weather cools down. Currently I am browsing online for a coat that preferably I won't see on anyone else in my town and I put together a few utopian choices of different types of them here. Do you guys have any good recommendation for online shops that carry nice and especially warm coats? Suggestions are very welcome.  Until then I am left drooling over one or the other piece that probably will never make it into my closet.
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  1. aaw so gut wie alle sehen richtig gut aus :D
    ich bin diesen winter total auf dem parka-trip ..
    aber der graufarbende mit fell oder der mint farbende mantel sieht auch total toll aus >_<
    schön wärs wenn man sich alle holen könnte T_T
    lg ;**

  2. kakis always my favorite <3 I have one similar to that parka, love it!!
    check out my blog if you have time please!

  3. LOVE the first one! I really want a jacket like that! xo

  4. I had exactly the same thought yesterday when I got last year's khaki winter coat out (see my latest post if you'd like). I certainly don't have a shortage of coats either but always feel the need for a new one, too!
    I like both grey ones here best.

  5. Great coats! I like the upper right military coat the most.

    <3 Melissa

  6. Love that top right coat, I want!

  7. gorgeous pieces, i want them all!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  8. I have always loved leather jackets but this season I really want a camo jacket too!
    Great inspiration though.

  9. This season Mango is having some great coats!
    I love your blog! This post is awesome!
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    Thank you in advance!

  10. oh i so understand you, to find good coat is so hard.
    this year i bought an wool coat from zara, with gold buttons it reminds me little bit on chanel.. what can i say.. it's absolutely gorgeous :)
    i like this last set of coats, leather looks so good :)


  11. i really love boyfriend blazers for this season, they give off this effortless chic style :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  12. Love the neutral wool picks!

  13. I really like your blog dear!
    Keep it up, you do it great :)


  14. I can't decide which one I want!

  15. Definitely digging the neutral top left one and the yellow!!! Living in So-Cal, I see zero need for a jacket like this, but man, I'd rock the crap outta a wool jacket in 70degree weather if I invested in one!

    Hope you figured out which one you want!



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