Montag, 16. Dezember 2013

Christmas Wishlist 2013

Christmas Wishlist 2013

So it's that time of the year again, we are getting closer and closer to Christmas and the end of 2013 and just like every friggin month of this year, time flew by too quickly.
This month I have been incredibly bad at blogging but this time I do have a real excuse, being that my laptop broke, and it proves to be quite difficult blogging when you don't have something to write on.
I will try to squeeze in at least a few more posts, outfits included until the end of the year. but for now a look at my annual wishlist.

I will be honest, on top of my list right now, for obvious reasons is a new laptop. And this year I will be lucky enough to receive a Macbook Pro from my parents for christmas. It's a very hefty price for what it is but I am going to write my bachelor thesis next year and really do need a good computer for this purpose.
The other items are bits and bobs I will definitely purchase myself this time around, nothing spectacular since there is something else, something bigger that I have made into my christmas/birthday present this year.
 From last years wishlist I was lucky enough to receive numbers 2,3 and 6 as christmas and birthday presents. As for the remaining items, I treated myself to a new wallet (Prada, not Miu Miu), the Real Techniques Brush, some Yankee Candles and the Lauren Conrad book.
Can you guess which wish will finally come true at the beginning of next year? (One tip, it is nothing material..). I think it's gratifying to mentally tick off things on your wishlist one by one as the year progresses, there is a meaning behind "work hard play hard" after all right :)

Honestly this year was a blessing to me in terms of material dreams that I treated myself to through hard work. But the most important wish, not every year but every day is health and happiness for my loved ones and myself. Materialistic things might make you happy for the moment but nothing beats being healthy, happy and having the people you care about around!
On this note, only one more week til Santa comes!



  1. Love the Tartan Scarf :)

  2. Das Parfum ist so super, kann ich nur empfehlen!

  3. Your parents sound supergenerous:) By the way, I own the "Les Beiges" powder and for combination skin like mine, it really only works as a bronzer...

  4. UH UH UH die booots sind der hammer!!!!!!!!!! liebst die twins von

  5. Ahhhh those boots and that tartan scarf <3!!! Good wishlists ;)!! I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin' :-) Hope you like my blog too!!



  6. I've seen loada of wish lista and ankle boots are a must!!!
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  7. Such a nice style you have!

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    Happy Holidays


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