Montag, 23. September 2013

Wishful thinking

Summer is over, uni is starting again soon and that alone can make life a little depressing. What to do when the melancholic mode strikes you, why, shopping of course. Every year I have a list of dream items in my head, one or the other has already been ticked of in the past 9 months but for the last quarter of the year there are still some goodies left on that list.
Starting clockwise:
 1) Glasses: I have terrible eyesight, literally cannot see anything without my contacts. For at home I have an ugly pair of glasses which seriously need to be replaced for a much more stylish alternative.
 2) Prada bag: I know I have treated myself to the 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli but really, a girl can never have enough bags right?
 3) Chanel Les Beiges Compact Powder: Something I have been meaning to get forever but never had the chance to but this time around I'll make sure to get my hands on this beauty.
4) Moschino belt: This is one of those items I've been lusting over forever but never acutally went through with purchasing, but who knows, maybe by the end of this year I'll be able to call it mine.
 5) Prada sunglasses: Honestly this has never really been on my radar that much, but I am going to a Prada Outlet store soon which is why I am keeping my options open :)
6) The leather jacket: I know, kind of a wardrobe staple, yet I don't have one, so this has got to be changed asap.
7) Transparent bag: Why not?

Well it is christmas soon( not really), right? :)

Der Sommer ist vorbei, die Uni beginnt bald wieder, das allein kann einen schon ziemlich runterziehen. Was macht man also, wenn einem ein leichter Anfall von Depression überkommt, richtig, man geht shoppen (wenn momentan auch nur in Gedanken.) Jedes Jahr erstelle ich mir eine kleine Liste von materiellen Wünschen, der ein oder andere Wunsch wurde bereits im Laufe der letzten neun Monate erfüllt, aber für das letzte Vierteljahr haben sich noch einige "Kleinigkeiten" angesammelt, die ich mir vielleicht noch gönnen werde. Immerhin ist ja bald (haha!) Weihnachten!

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  1. Those Prada sunglasses are absolute perfection. I have terrible vision too so usually end up having to get prescription sunglasses =/ x

  2. I am in love that moschino belt! So easy to wear!
    I am quite new as a blogger and i want to let me know, visit, comment and follow if you want to! Thank you!||

  3. great set!! love the bag, jacket and shades!! so fab!

    Animated Confessions

  4. i wishhh, fab pics x

  5. I love your list! I'm just starting to come up with my fall must-haves. Love that jacket! Your blog is great :)


    City Brewed

  6. Yes, you most definitely should invest in a leather jacket - it's such a wardrobe staple! Great picks!

    PS i'm giving away a pair of Rich & Skinny jeans on my blog, but hurry, ends tonight!

    xx Hélène

  7. Echt schöne Sachen Huyen! Ich liebe vorallem die Tasche und Brille <3

  8. The jacket is to die for... Would love it in my closet! xx

  9. Amazing photos and you look amazing as always!
    -Vivian from stylemeendless


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