Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2013

September Favorites

September Favorites

September Favorites von impressthepressblog, round plates enthaltend

I skipped out on the August Favorites and between that and September autumn arrived, therefore my favorite are very much inspired by the seasonal change. 
My fashion must have was my varsity jacket bought in Barcelona, while beauty wise I've gone back to using YSL's Parisienne. For music I've been digging the City of Bones OST after watching the movie and falling in love with Jace Wayland haha.
In September I also got addicted to Pretty Little Liars, finished the first season in less than a week and boy am I hooked. 
For a beverage I always love me some Pumpkin Spice Latte for fall, so yummy.
And lastly my random favorite was working out at the gym, I am really into it now after being lazy for too long. 

What are your monthly favorites?

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  1. love that bomber/baseball jacket too! perhaps i should get one for myself for the season as well :)

    Check out my new home in London on blog! :)

  2. Great set, I have the same passion too!
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  3. die jacke ist toll :-) brauch auch unbedingt so eine


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